County Planning Office Conducting Income Survey for Brady Township Troutville Borough Water Association

TROUTVILLE – The Clearfield County Planning & Community Development Office has announced that it will be conducting an income survey on behalf of the Brady Township Troutville Borough Water Association until Sept. 30.  

Survey forms will be mailed to randomly selected customers of Brady Township Troutville Borough Water Association using addresses.  The planning office and water association officials ask for your assistance during this time. 

The survey consists of six questions, such as:

  • How many families currently reside at this address?
  • How many persons are there in your family, including yourself?
  • Using the table on survey, find the number of persons in your family and using the annual family income amount as noted on the form, circle whether your total family income is above or below amount shown.
  • Please check if you are female head of household.
  • Please note the number of disabled persons.
  • A question based upon ethnicity and race.

Families and individuals who receive a survey should complete it and return it promptly.  To assure a successfully sampling size of the survey, office staff will conduct phone calls and door-to-door visits of surveys not returned. 

If you receive a survey and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lisa Kovalick at 814-765-5149.

The number of persons in a family and corresponding income listed on the survey is based on the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Section 8 income guidelines for Clearfield County.

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