Results of Board of Election Hearing Announced at County Meeting

CLEARFIELD – The results of a Board of Election hearing, held Aug. 14, were released to the public at yesterday’s Clearfield County Commissioners’ meeting.

The hearing before the Board of Election members was held in regards to a campaign finance inquiry by John A. Rogers versus Jeremy Ruffner.

Rogers submitted an inquiry on July 24 questioning if Ruffner had failed to qualify for the waiver of expense account reporting by spending more than $250 for his campaign for Lawrence Township Supervisor.

The finding of the Board of Election is as follows: “The information and documentation presented by Mr. Ruffner offers proof that he did not exceed the $250 threshold during any reporting period, and is therefore entitled to exercise the ‘Waiver of Expense Account Reporting’ and is not required to file a campaign expense report for either of the periods in question.”

Additionally the commissioners made comments during yesterday’s meeting. Commissioner John Sobel noted that they understand Rogers’ position but his argument proved to be speculative.

Commissioner Mark McCracken added that the process was used appropriately, that if any member of the public questions something of this matter, it is appropriate to file a challenge, as Rogers did. He added the financial reports of candidates are available for public review.

An agreement of sale was approved between Clearfield County and Northern Cambria Community Development Corp. for Lot No. 6 at the professional development park located on Leonard Street, Clearfield.

Solicitor Kim Kesner said the agreement is one he can approve and the agreed price is $47,000, provided the corporation can obtain the funding to purchase.

Later Kesner expanded on his thoughts about the professional park, noting that a previous board of commissioners began working with the county Industrial Development Authority to invest in mapping, subdivision and infrastructure to make it attractive to offices.

Several offices have located there, including an engineering office, the district magistrate, state Department of Revenue and state Department of Human Services (formerly the Department of Public Welfare), as well as the county’s Emergency Management office.

Lot No. 6 is the final lot to be purchased and is located by the Department of Revenue and across from the Department of Human Services.

Kesner said the area is very attractive and aesthetically pleasing and commended the boards of commissioners over the years for their hard work in developing this area..

A Local Municipality Involvement Process Meeting in regards to a landfill application submitted to the state Department of Environmental Protection was briefly discussed.

The meeting will be held Aug. 29 at the state Department of Transportation building in the industrial park. The meeting is not open to the public, but DEP will have a meeting with the press afterwards and the commissioners said they will have comments then as well.

The commissioners are having a meeting via telephone with their counsel regarding the matter later this week.

McCracken also commended Jodi Brennan, director of County Planning and the Solid Waste Authority, for her research into the new application and all her work regarding the matter.

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