Clearfield Residents Weather Power Outage

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield residents made the best of a temporary power outage.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the planned power outage on July 28 went very well.

Stott said all departments from the fire department, the fire police, the street department and the police department, worked very together in preparation for the outage.

She said First Energy/Penelec had anticipated the outage would take between two to four hours, and it only lasted about 23 minutes.

However, Stott said there were problems getting the borough’s generator to work with some of the traffic lights in town.

She said the generator was also very heavy and it took two people to lift it off the truck. The public works committee recommended the council consider purchasing a Kohler inverter. The device would have multiple uses in addition to powering the traffic lights.

According to previously published GANT News articles, Penelec personnel had been conducting upgrades to equipment at a substation in the Clearfield area. The upgrades will allow for improved service to customers.

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