Programs Announced for Aug. 3-13 at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – A schedule of programs has been announced for Aug. 3-13 at Parker Dam.

Thursday, Aug. 3

Explore Archery: 

10 a.m. – Environmental Education Classroom 

Ever wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow?  Come learn the basics of archery, along with range rules and safety procedures.  Bows have a 25-pound pull; smaller archers may have difficulty.

Friday, Aug. 4

Earth Day Every Day: 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Forty-seven years ago …  Enjoy this look back in time to learn what Earth Day was all about and what it can continue to be today.

Saturday, Aug. 5

  1. Parachute Games:

3 p.m. – Beach House 

Is playing with a 30-foot parachute educational?  It can be.  Come and learn how.  All ages welcome.  

Matchless Fire: 

8 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Learn various historical ways of creating fire.  Evening campfire will be lit using one of these methods.

Environmental Insights: 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater

Explore how humor can be made to inform, inflame, and provide insight through this PowerPoint and lecture program.

Sunday, Aug. 6

Log Drive!: 

3 p.m. – Beach 

Long before log trucks and skidders, how did folks move timber to the sawmills?   Water.   Come and bring along your beach buckets to help with this scale model log drive.

Tea and Talk: 

7 p.m. – Beach House steps 

Bring a mug to sample some sweet fern/mountain mint tea (hot).  Talk will focus on matters of consequence.  The Sunday evening tea and talk has been going on for many years – come and be a part of the tradition. 

Thursday, Aug. 10

National S’mores Day: 

10 a.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Come to the Campground Amphitheater and celebrate National S’mores Day by learning about the ingredients and then by consuming them.

Friday, Aug. 11

Renewable Energy: 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

This documentary examines how today’s advanced technologies are working to harness air, water, earth, and fire to produce clean and reliable sources of energy.  Interesting stuff.

Saturday, Aug. 12

Aquatic Embodiment: 

4 p.m. – Beach 

How do various critters get around in the water?  Meet the naturalist at the beach to discover – and embody – how some of our local critters move through the water.  Dress to get wet ~ we will be getting in the water.

Perseid Meteor Shower Watch: 

9 p.m. – Beach House lawn 

Bring a lawn chair or blanket to lie on and watch the sky for the annual shower of meteors radiating from the constellation Perseus.  “We’ll leave the lights off for ya.”

Sunday, Aug. 13

Afternoon Tea and Talk: 

4 p.m. – Beach House steps 

Please see the program description for Tea and Talk on Aug. 6.

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