Rides and smiles: Bus driver knits a toy for every kid on her route

Ten-year old Vincent goes to bed every night with a crocheted taco.

His school bus driver, Trudy Serres, of Waukesha, Wisconsin made it for him.

“I crochet when I am in between my routes,” Serres told CNN. The kids would see my yarn and ask what I was making.”

One day, Vincent dared Serres to make a taco – his favorite food to eat.

Serres had become bored with the normal blankets, hats and scarves. So she accepted Vincent’s challenge. “I told him I’m pretty sure I can,” Serres said.

Two days later, she came back with a handmade yarn taco to give to Vincent.

“And Vincent said ‘that is so cool! I got a taco. Look what Ms. Trudy made!'” Serres told CNN.

From there, Serres received numerous crochet requests from other students.

“I’ve made a hockey player with team uniform colors with a stick, ice cream cones, chocolate covered strawberries, a football, unicorns, Darth Vader and four Yodas,” Serres told CNN.

A popular request is a Nyan cat with a taco body and a sombrero.

So far, Serres has crocheted over 30 items for the kids. It took her about four months to complete them all.

Some of the kids take the toys to church, vacation and a few snuggle with them at night in bed.

“It’s an awesome feeling because most children you give them a toy and they throw it in the corner after two plays,” Serres said.

As for the parents, they are excited about what Serres is doing.

Vincent’s mom, Peggy Lamon, says she loves how well Serres treats all three of her kids on her bus route.

“She keeps an eye on my kids and I appreciate that,” Lamon told CNN. “She knows each kid on the bus.”

Serres says she’ll stick to crocheting as a hobby.

“I only did it for my students. I don’t want to make a business out of it,” Serres said.

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