Delaney Requests Sandy Supers to Exempt His Businesses from Surcharge

DUBOIS – Tom Delaney of Fairfield Inn & Suites and Station 101 Pub & Kitchen was at Monday night’s Sandy Township meeting.

He was in attendance to request a change in regards to the inflow and infiltration surcharge.

The surcharge is a water usage fee per 1,000 gallons that Sandy Township has tacked onto its sewer usage charges. 

According to previously published GANT News reports, the surcharge became necessary after DuBois City changed how it billed the township.

The city now charges Sandy Township for the actual amount of sewage entering its system instead of assuming water and sewage usages were the same.

The township has started work to correct the sources of excess inflow into the city’s sewer system.

Delaney stated that he realized inflow and infiltration was a major issue. However, he questioned why it was necessary for his businesses to pay the surcharge.

He explained that their lines were installed five years ago and traveled only 50 feet before entering the city’s system based upon his estimate.

“The inflow and infiltration surcharge hasn’t just been alarming, but [also] hurtful to our property,” stated Delaney.

Delaney continued, pointing out that the hotel – alone – has purchased more than eight million gallons of water from Sandy Township so far. 

While both the hotel and restaurant are “good and robust,” he stated that the surcharge is anticipated to cost approximately $40,000 annually. 

He stated that the cost will be about the same as a mortgage payment and not something that could be absorbed without a good reason. 

Because his businesses’ lines are new and are a short distance from the city’s system, Delaney asked to be exempted from the surcharge.

Supervisor Dave Sylvis (GANT News file photo)

“I don’t know we can exempt you from it, as that would be showing favor to one business,” stated Supervisor Dave Sylvis.

Delaney countered that argument by saying he wasn’t requesting favoritism, but fairness.

Sylvis explained that if the supervisors exempted Delaney’s businesses, it would be favoritism. He also noted that he understood the situation, and they would explore an alternative to an exemption.

Supervisor Mark Sullivan presented a draft sewer usage service agreement to the other supervisors.  The supervisors voted to send the draft to DuBois City.

Township Engineer Perry Bowser informed the supervisors that Gwin Dobson & Foreman Engineering was still working on the inflow and infiltration report. 

Township Manager Dave Monella stated that he expected to have the report for the board at its next meeting.

Supervisor Jim Jeffers was absent from the meeting.


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