Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Overflows Top Municipal Authority Meeting

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

CLEARFIELD – Waterline and sanitary sewer overflows were discussed at yesterday’s Clearfield Municipal Authority meeting held at the Moose Creek facility.  The board also voted on bids for heating oil and chemicals.

Engineer Jim Balliet of Gwin, Dobson and Foreman Inc. of Altoona reported that the design phase of the Pine Grove North Watermain Extension project is proceeding.

This is the name the state Department of Environmental Protection has given the project encompassing part of Glen Richey Highway, Krebs Highway, Clover Hill Road and Carbon Mine Road.

Balliet said they completed geotechnical borings for the location of the tank, with property owner permission, and are awaiting permission from a property owner to look at the proposed site for the pump station.

In regards to the Montgomery Run SSO corrective action plan, Balliet said Lawrence Township’s engineer, Stiffler and McGraw, televised 225 laterals and found about 86 with French drains that are suspected of being tied into the sanitary sewer system.

They will do additional follow-up and if the drains are tied in, the township’s solicitor will send a letter to the home owner with information.

He said about another 400 homes will be investigated in the coming months and the township has asked for an extension on the plan from Sept. 1, 2018 to Sept. 1, 2019.

The SSO had to be opened on May 29 resulting in a fine of $1,250. The township is responsible for 80 percent of the fine and the authority for 20 percent.

JJ Powell gave the low bid for heating oil for this year at $1.599 per gallon fixed.

For chemicals, hydroflu0silicic acid will be provided by UNIVAR USA Inc. at $3.35 per gallon, and sodium hypochlorite and polyaluminum chloride will be provided by CHEMSTREAM Inc. at $2.25 per gallon and $3.40 per gallon, respectively.

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