Small College World Series Sparks Discussion at DuBois City Meeting

DUBOIS – The Small College World Series sparked some discussion at Monday night’s DuBois City Council meeting.

The series will be held the next two years at Showers Field in DuBois, according to a previously published GANT News report.

“I don’t believe people have the audacity to blame [City Manager John Suplizio] for trying to get the College World Series into DuBois,” said Councilman Ed Walsh.

Both Walsh and Suplizio responded to comments that were made by a speaker at a recent DuBois Area School Board meeting.

The speaker protested that DuBois City had made efforts to bring the Small College World Series to DuBois before the school board put it to vote.

The school board voted overwhelming in favor, Walsh said.

According to Suplizio, DuBois City officials have been working with the school board. He said that they just hadn’t worked with the athletic director. 

He said the Small College World Series would bring 500 athletes to Dubois. Additionally, there would be other visitors who would be reserving hotel rooms and patronizing local restaurants.

In other business, city officials received another request to close a roadway for a block party.

Council members debated on setting specific rules for closing roadways for block parties. It was noted that it used to be a once-a-year request but has become more common.

In the past, city employees would close the roadway. Then, they would go afterward and lift the closure.

Council voted to change the road closure procedure. Any requestor must pay a $100 security deposit and close the roadway with the city’s saw horses.

The requestor will also be responsible for the return of the city’s saw horses in order to re-claim their deposit.

The council voted to approve changes to the fiscal year 2014 and 2015 Community Development Block Grant funds. 

Both years had funds withdrawn that were intended for the DuBois Memorial Park Comfort Station. Further, $86,416 was transferred to the Showers Field Phase 2 Miracle Field Project. Also, $100,000 was transferred to the Challenger Field Project.

Councilman Randy Schmidt and Controller Lisa Becker were excused from the meeting.


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