Plans for Repair to Timber Dam Taking Shape in Clearfield Borough


CLEARFIELD – Plans are taking shape for repairs to the Raftmen’s Memorial Timber Dam in Clearfield Borough.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council meeting, Council Member Jim Kling said he had spoken to an individual who has been working to secure the lumber needed to repair the dam.

Kling said he was told the lumber could be delivered sometime in mid-July. He said the individual has located the lumber, but the seller needs to make sure there is enough wood to complete the job.

Additionally, the water levels in the river need to drop low enough to allow crews to access the damaged area.

According to previously published GANT News articles, a large section of the dam broke off from the main structure and was carried downstream, and it was discovered Sept. 11. The borough has been working to secure materials to make the repairs to the dam, which is over 40 years old.

The dam was built to promote fishing and recreation but is not used for flood control. The dam was also a memorial to honor the lumber heritage of the region.

While the dam appears to be holding, residents are warned to use extreme caution when fishing near the dam.



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