DuBois Community Days Returns this Weekend

DUBOIS – The annual return of DuBois Community Days is right around the corner.

Jeff Baronick was in attendance at Monday’s DuBois City Council meeting. He asked for the city’s assistance this weekend, so that the family-friendly festival runs smoothly.

 “We have a lot on tap, and we can’t do it without the help of the city and the police department,” stated Baronick.

Baronick detailed some of the events and entertainment that will highlight the festival.

The Zerbini Family Circus will return. It will also have shows on Wednesday and Thursday before the official start of Community Days.

The parade will return, of course, along with the fireworks display. Members of the Drum and Bugle Corps will be present for their judged competition.

“We have people coming from all over the East Coast for the small drum and bugle competition,” noted Baronick.

He was also hopeful that the 5K race would draw more than 600 people. He encouraged people to participate in the event, even if they aren’t runners.

Baronick told the council that some guests and participants had heard previous groups and individuals sing the praises of the community.

“Come out and enjoy it. It is a wonderful event for the whole family,” stated Baronick.

In other business, council voted to allow Externet to proceed with construction of 10 cell phone towers within DuBois City.

It was noted that six towers will be near the Penn State campus, and the other four will be near West Long Avenue.

The towers will service Verizon Wireless initially but will be open to use by other cell phone providers.

The new towers will increase bandwidth, how much data devices can use from their networks, etc. The towers, however, will not increase the range of the cellular signal.

The towers will be limited to the same height as utility poles in the immediate area.

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