Lawrence Township Supervisors Open Bids for Turnpike Avenue Project

CLEARFIELD – Bids for a drainage improvement project in Lawrence Township are under review.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Lawrence Township Supervisors opened bids for the project, which will involve improving drainage along the township’s section of Turnpike Avenue.

The project should help mitigate problems with ice that collects on the road during the winter months.

A total of seven bids were received, ranging from $338,134 to $845,553. The supervisors voted to table the decision to award the contract for the project, pending review by the township’s engineers.

Also at the meeting, Roadmaster Ron Woodling said PennDOT will be paving Route 322 from the Dairy Queen to Brewery Hill in Clearfield Borough. Woodling said the crews will be replacing all the traffic lights and poles in the areas.

Additionally, Woodling said he recently attended a meeting regarding a flood control project the borough will be undertaking for Stinky Run.

Woodling said the new trash rack for the project will be located several feet up from where the existing trash rack is presently located.

He said this will put the trash rack within the township line. Woodling gave information from the presentation to the supervisors for review.

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