Chemistry Students Visit Radiation Science and Engineering Center at PSU

(Provided photo)

On April 25, Sarah Fye’s advanced chemistry Students at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School visited the Radiation Science and Engineering Center (RSEC) at Penn State University. 

The RSEC provides safe nuclear analytical and testing facilities in support of research and education. Also, the center houses the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, which is the nation’s longest continuously operating university research reactor.  

During this educational experience, students had the opportunity to learn and explore hands-on aspects of nuclear chemistry that one does not get to experience in a traditional high school chemistry laboratory.

Students got to participate in nuclear chemistry experiments, such as: detecting radiation in household items with Geiger Counters, observing and exploring irradiated sodium chloride, determining the half-life of silver-108, observing cloud chambers in action and investigating different methods to block alpha, beta and gamma radiation. 

Students toured the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor while learning information pertaining to the reactor.  Students gained knowledge about the reactor by witnessing how the reactor was operated and controlled. 

Students who toured the Radiation Science and Engineering Center at PSU are Alex Coval, Madison Jones, Jiami Zhu, Jaclyn Freeman, Brooke Cline and Michael Ternoway.

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