County Renews Appropriations Agreement with Clearly Ahead

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners will continue its appropriations agreement with Clearly Ahead Development.

On Tuesday the commissioners approved a new agreement for the 2017 and 2018 calendar years. It will leave the appropriations at $160,000.

Clearly Ahead is the county’s economic development entity. The county has provided annual appropriations to Clearly Ahead since 2004.

Solicitor Kim Kesner said the county’s previous agreement had expired, and there were ongoing discussions between the two boards.

At the conclusion of those discussions, he was authorized to prepare language for the new agreement.

According to Kesner, the Clearly Ahead board of directors had already approved the agreement, and it was executed by the chairman.

Commissioners Tony Scotto and Mark B. McCracken said they have developed an understanding with Clearly Ahead leadership about priorities.

They said Clearly Ahead’s focus was directed to creating new jobs and retaining existing jobs.

McCracken added they have reiterated to Clearly Ahead that its efforts should be directed throughout the county.

McCracken said this appropriations agreement was shorter for a reason, so that the commissioners could see what happens in 2017 and 2018.

“But I’m confident and comfortable that Clearly Ahead has a strong understanding of where the commissioners want to see efforts go,” he said.

Commissioner John A. Sobel agreed, saying their discussions were “brutally frank” at times, but both sides were sincere.

Sobel said the commissioners are planning to have Clearly Ahead leaders at future meetings to discuss their plans and progress.

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