Warm Weather Brings Increased Activity to Parks

GANT News file photo

CLEARFIELD – Warm weather is bringing Clearfield Borough residents outside to enjoy the area’s parks.

At Thursday’s regular Clearfield Borough Council meeting, Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the borough’s street department has been doing a lot of work to clean the parks and get them ready for the residents.

She said the parks and the riverwalk have been seeing a lot of use, now that the weather has improved.

“There are already weddings and activities booked for the parks and the riverwalk,” Stott said. “They’ve also been doing Yoga in the Park at the riverwalk park. We’re seeing a lot of activity, more so than we’ve ever seen before.”

Stott said she commends the street crew and the borough residents for doing their part to keep the parks clean and ready for use.

Stott then said that Shaw Park, the small park near the borough’s administrative office, has been decorated.

Stott said the trees in Shaw Park have been decorated with teal ribbons to raise awareness for victims of sexual abuse and the pin-wheels are to raise awareness for victims of child abuse.

Also at the meeting, Mayor Jim Schell said the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be participating in the annual Poppy day, where volunteers hand out poppies to honor the nation’s veterans. He said the volunteers will be at various locations throughout the borough on May 5-6.

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