SRAC Plans Statue; Stinky Run Project Gets Approval

CLEARFIELD – A little piece of history is coming to the Clearfield Riverwalk.

At Thursday’s work session, the Planning and Community Development Committee discussed a request by the Susquehanna River Art Center to place a statue in the Riverwalk Park.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the SRAC has asked the council’s support for a grant the SRAC has applied for.

Stott said the SRAC is looking to purchase a bronze statue in the likeness of a historical raftsman. Stott said the statue will be made out of similar material as the bison statue near Upper Witmer Park.

Also at the meeting, Stott gave a report from Engineer Todd Banks, who was not present. Stott said the funding for the Stinky Run Flood Control project has been approved. However, Stott said the approval is contingent on the project being completed by 2020.

Stott said that while 2020 seemed like a long amount of time, the Department of Environmental Protection has been working with the borough on this project for a very long time.

She said it appears that the project is finally moving forward.


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