Engineer Updates LT Supers on Hyde Sanitary Sewer Overflow and DEP Requirements

CLEARFIELD – Engineer Todd Banks with Stiffler and McGraw Engineering updated the Lawrence Township Supervisors regarding the Hyde sanitary sewer overflow and requirements by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Banks said the Clearfield Municipal Authority has been under DEP order to close the SSO by June 30, but that is not something that can happen that soon.  He said basements and tributaries would flood during major rain events if that were to happen by June 30. 

So a remediation plan had to be submitted to DEP and, after a meeting between the township, CMA and Clearfield Borough different options were looked at and a catch basin or storage tank was the most cost effective solution.

After the meeting between the three entities, CMA then went to Williamsport to meet with DEP and present the plan, which was immediately “squashed” by DEP as being a temporary solution to the problem and now wants CMA to present a formal plan by August to “permanently address” the issue.

Banks suggested that the township televise laterals from the traps to the foundations in the area, especially Village Road, Country Club, Longmeadow, Susquehanna Terrace and other places in the area.

One theory is that some French drains may still be draining into the sanitary sewer system and televising the laterals will answer many questions, including the existence of any French drains or under-slab piping or any other problems.  Banks said it would also give the township evidence for future discussion regarding the SSO.

Not all of the laterals will need televised as some were done in recent years and the township still has the footage to review.  Banks said the engineering firm can use their own camera to do a few of the lines and get an idea of how difficult the project will be before the township puts the project out for bid.

CMA has been televising their interceptor system and an update may be available at their next meeting, which was rescheduled for next Tuesday.

After an executive session at the end of the meeting, the supervisors voted to have Acting Police Chief James Glass notify Officer Paul Butler that his services are no longer needed.

Supervisor Bill Lawhead explained that there have been scheduling conflicts with Butler and there are no hard feelings.  Glass was instructed to interview candidates for the part-time as-needed position.

Under code enforcement, three conditional uses for timbering were approved after hearings held prior to the meeting.

Code and Zoning Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner updated the supervisors on what people have been inquiring about recently in regards to affordable housing. 

One thing people ask about is “mini” or “tiny” houses and she noted such houses are not legal in Pennsylvania and anyone with questions can check the Universal Construction Codes on the Internet or contact the township’s inspection agency, PennSafe.

Motor homes also are not approved as permanent residences in Pennsylvania; however, if someone needs to live in one while their home is being built, that is allowed under state law.

Finkbeiner requested that the supervisors review various ordinances and fees, especially in regards to peddling/soliciting, rental ordinances, business licenses and so on.

The supervisors reappointed Ken Wisor to the recreation board and Howard Veihdeffer to the joint airport authority.

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