Kindergarten Registration Under Way for Clearfield Area School District

CLEARFIELD – Kindergarten registration is currently under way for the Clearfield Area School District.

The district is accepting registration online this year, and 76 students have registered so far, reported Clearfield Area Elementary School Principal Mary Mike Sayers at Monday night’s school board committee meeting.

Superintendent Terry Struble said that any parent who is unable to complete the registration online will be able to at the school the first few days of April.

Next week, the board will consider Cen-Clear’s request to use the school the weeks of July 31 and Aug. 7 for Kinder Camp.

Cen-Clear is requesting the use of two kindergarten classrooms, restrooms, gym and cafeteria.

Kinder Camp is a two-week program for incoming kindergarten students to help them adjust to school and expectations.

Sayers said there wasn’t any cost to the district, as Cen-Clear uses grant funds to offer the program. CAES kindergarten teachers who assist with instruction are paid by Cen-Clear.

She also said Kinder Camp is open to all prospective CAES kindergarten students, but there is an application process. Applications will be provided to all kindergarteners who complete registration.

When asked if participation would be higher if the program wasn’t held fair week, Sayers explained Cen-Clear can only accept so many students anyway and hold the program on certain dates due to grant guidelines.

Sayers said Cen-Clear does provide bus transportation for students taking part in Kinder Camp.

In other business, board member Randy Pataky asked about the district’s installation of GPS systems in school vans.

Struble said GPS units had been installed and are used to provide alerts and feedback on the van’s speed, location, if a curve was negotiated too sharply, etc.

Struble explained that it was a safety measure to allow the district to monitor and retrieve information in the event of a problem.

Principal Tim Janocko said he had notified the faculty about the school vans being equipped with GPS systems. He said the athletic director had been requested to inform the district’s coaches.

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