Curwensville Students to Present Godspell

Hypocrites! Jesus (Brennen McCracken) chastises the Pharisees, played by Amethyst Bias, Elizabeth Weddle, and Daulton Richards, as they question him on the religious laws. (Provided photo)

CURWENSVILLE – The students of Curwensville Area High School will bring the musical Godspell to the stage of the Dr. Leslie D. Leach Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. March 16-18. 

Under the direction of Judith Bungo, Godspell features the music of Stephen Schwartz, who also wrote the hit musicals Pippin and Wicked

The Tony-nominated score incorporates a variety of musical styles. Pop song “Day by Day,” gospel-tinged “Bless the Lord,” vaudeville-based “All for the Best,” and the serene “Beautiful City” are just a few of the songs in this well-known show.

While featuring a cast of many, the only two named roles are Jesus, portrayed by Brennen McCracken, and Judas, who doubles as John the Baptist, played by Adam Rhine.  The rest of the actors simply use their own first names. 

The show opens with John the Baptist calling a group of young people from their everyday lives to follow and learn from Jesus. 

Jesus then teaches them various lessons of love and forgiveness through the parables found in The Gospel according to Matthew that they act out through song and dance, comedy and mime. 

Godspell is joyous and noisy and full of pop-culture references that are injected into the various stories.   While this turns the parables into a fast-moving string of slapstick-fueled sketches, the punch lines are all used to make theologically serious points and the story must inevitably end with a last supper and Jesus’ crucifixion.

Godspell is filled with energy and creativity and is as fun for the audience as it is for the cast.  Contact the high school office at 814-236-1100 for details about purchasing tickets in advance.  Tickets will also be available at the door each night.

You scoundrel! Macin Sheeder, a servant, pleads with her master, Chloe Tubbs, for mercy while Judas (Adam Rhine) and Michael Daniel look on with scorn as they all act out one of the parables found in Matthew 18. In the parable, the master forgives a debt that the servant owes, but the servant turns around and demands payment from someone who owes her. The angry master condemns the servant to torture until she can pay her original debt in full because although her master forgave her, she failed to be forgiving of others. (Provided photo)

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