LT Supers Put Bayer Building Rumor to Rest

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors put a persistent rumor to rest last night when asked by members of the Recreational Park Board about the Bayer Building in Hyde.

Members of the board as well as representatives of various groups that use the building attended the meeting and asked the supervisors if they were intending to tear the building down due to the expenses of upkeep.

Supervisor Chairman Randy Powell said the rumors were false and that the supervisors have budgeted to have the roof repaired this year.  He said if they were going to tear the building down, they wouldn’t put the money into a new roof.

Another rumor being heard is that, if consolidation with Clearfield Borough happens, that the building would be closed.  It was noted by several people that hundreds of kids use the building every week for softball, baseball, soccer, etc.

Supervisor Bill Lawhead stated the joint committee… “never once in the last two years of meetings advocated selling that building.”  He said the township uses it, the residents use it and it’s a source of income for the township.  He added that he doesn’t know where that particular rumor got started, but the recreation board did the right thing.

“I’m glad you guys all came, it was the right thing to do,” to come and ask and not listen to rumors, he said.

Lawhead is co-chairman of the joint consolidation committee.

Gigi Gearhart also addressed the supervisors and asked if Powell had received any answers about the proposed consolidation, and he responded he had not.  When asked who he has talked to he replied, “They all have my number.”

Gearhart also asked how long the police pension underfunding has been a problem, and Powell said at least the past 12-13 years, and Lawhead stated it has been since 2008.  Gearhart offered to take a list of questions and find answers for him.

Solicitor James Naddeo added that he and Powell are planning to meet with the committee as soon as a date is scheduled.

Under police, interim chief James Glass reported there will be an aggressive driver initiative.  He also reported annual qualifications are coming up and he is already planning for needed purchases. 

The department was also able to upgrade two long rifles due to grant funds.  Finally, he said a business owner commended Officer Levi Olson for his response and professionalism regarding a burglary.

Under code enforcement, the board learned that the Amusement Tax was due Feb. 15 and there is now a 10 percent penalty charge.

The report also included information about sewer inspections.  According to the information provided by Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner, if you have a public sewer, a public waste water inspection is required prior to transfers of ownership.  The fee is $100 and must be paid prior to the inspection.  Inspections are held on Wednesdays and should be scheduled 30 days prior to the transfer.

Inspections are also required for all new and repaired systems.  A new tap is $500, plus engineering costs.  There is also a fee for sewer repair or replacement.  For more information, contact the code officer or PennSafe Inspection Service.  Emergency inspections should be coordinated with roadmaster Ron Woodling.

An on-lot septic system doesn’t require public waste inspection; however, other inspections may be required and the contact is Hess and Fisher Engineers.

The supervisors approved the purchase of a 24-foot trailer to transport the big roller at a cost of $7,728.  Woodling also reported they have started spring work and will need to order 2,000 tons of 2RC limestone before April 1.  Sweeping is tentatively scheduled to begin March 20.

There are several board terms expiring and the supervisors approved advertising the positions.  One is for the recreation board by March 18, one seat and an alternate for the zoning hearing board by April 19 and one for the Clearfield-Lawrence Joint Airport Authority by April 15.

The supervisors approved the purchase of two Dell computers for the secretary and code officer at a cost of $2,839.98 from Dixon Com of Philipsburg.

The Habitat for Humanity King of the Mountain Bike Race will be held Oct. 8 and the supervisors will send a letter to organizers so that PennDOT can be notified of the event.

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