Clearfield Police Warn of Scam

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough police have issued a warning about a scam.

Police have received numerous calls about businesses being contacted by a person who is claiming to be from Penelec. 

The caller reportedly advises the business owner that they owe back payment between $1,500 and $1,900. If they refuse to pay, their power will be shut off. 

Police say the calls are coming from “844-388-3481.” The caller asks the owners to purchase pre-paid cards from stores and use them to make payment.

Police documented five businesses in approximately two hours that received calls.

Police spoke with a Penelec representative who had also received numerous calls about the scam. 

“They do not request payment by the pre-paid cards,” police said. “If any customers have any questions or concerns, they are able to call the 1-800 main Penelec number.”

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