Municipal Authority Approves Bid for Cleaning and Camera Project

CLEARFIELD – After re-organization the Clearfield Municipal Authority opened bids on a cleaning and camera project during yesterday’s meeting.

Officers for 2017 are Russ Triponey, chairman; Greg Dixon, vice chairman; William Swisher, secretary; John Naddeo, treasurer and Chris Stott as assistant secretary/treasurer. 

John Ryan will remain as solicitor, Gwin, Dobson & Foreman Inc. of Altoona as engineer, Johnson, Nelson, Shimmel and Thomas as auditor, right to know officer is Manager John Williams and CNB Bank is the depository.

Meetings will continue to be held the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m., and the board voted to hold the June meeting at Montgomery Run treatment plant, the July meeting at the Moose Creek plant and the August meeting at the new sewage treatment plant.

Engineer Jim Balliet of GD&F reminded the board that a meeting will be scheduled soon between CMA, Clearfield Borough, Lawrence Township and the state Department of Environmental Protection regarding continued inflow and infiltration problems and overflow in the sewer system. 

To this end, the authority needs to have their interceptor sewers cleaned and televised so that CMA can fix any problems there.  Four bids for this service were received from Mr. Rehab, Insight Pipe, State Pipe and Robinson Pipe. 

Mr. Rehab and Insight Pipe were the lowest with Insight Pipe just a little higher at $60,134.55 and Mr. Rehab at $59,758.50. 

However, Balliet said there will be a few areas needing heavy cleaning and the price per hour for Mr. Rehab is $350 for heavy cleaning while it is $305 for Insight Pipe, making their bid the lower bid, which the board accepted.  The work should begin in early February.

Balliet also reported on attempts to lower aluminum levels at the Montgomery Run treatment facility.  Recently DEP had informed CMA that the levels need to be at .5 instead of the higher permitted levels in previous years. 

Balliet said the problem is with the aluminum chloride the authority uses to treat the water, which concentrates and is flushed out in back flow. He said they have reached .77 and are looking at other options to lower the levels even further.

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