Two People Accused of Possessing Heroin after Leaving Suspected “Drug House” Appear for Hearings

DUBOIS – Two people accused of possessing heroin after they left a suspected “drug house” were scheduled for preliminary hearings Friday during centralized court.

Jason Paul Davis, 35, DuBois, is charged by DuBois City police with a felony count of manufacture/delivery/possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and a misdemeanor count of intentional possession of a controlled substance.

When he failed to appear for his preliminary hearing in this case and an additional drug paraphernalia case, his hearings were held in absentia. District Judge Patrick Ford ruled all charges be sent onto the court of common pleas. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Danielle M. Siple, 28, Brockway, who faced similar charges, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. She was given one year probation and she must pay fines and costs.

The charges stem from an incident on Aug. 12 in DuBois after police investigated a traffic violation by Davis as the vehicle left a known “drug house.” Both Davis and his passenger, Siple, were nervous as they spoke to an officer. Davis was issued a citation for the traffic violation and then asked if he had a minute to talk. He agreed, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

The officer asked him if there was anything in the vehicle he should know about such as drugs, guns or a large sum of money. Davis said there wasn’t. The officer then asked if he could search the vehicle and Davis said he could. Both of the occupants of the vehicle were asked to stand at the back of the truck.

When asked again if he would find something, Davis responded that the officer was going to find some bags. Police said the search uncovered eight stamp bags of heroin stamped with “DONALD TRUMP” in a plastic zip lock bag in the center console.

Under the cup holder, the officer found nine more stamp bags with the word “SCORPION” on them. Inside a purse the officer found drug paraphernalia and two stamp bags of heroin.

Siple told police she purchased the two stamp bags in her purse from Davis.

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