Bayern Munich: Locker room confidential with Arjen Robben

From a small Dutch town to the very top of European football, Arjen Robben has been there, done it and got the trophies.

With league titles in Holland, England, Spain and Germany, few can match his success.

Now, with 150 Bundesliga appearances to his name, the flying Dutchman opens the door to the Bayern Munich dressing room, giving us a glimpse of the secrets of the Bundesliga club.

Best sense of humor?

“Franck Ribéry is certainly one of them. Then there’s Thomas Muller; he’s always talking and he has some good jokes as well. So, maybe these two …”

Best fashion sense?

“Everybody has his own taste, you know? We’ve got some bad ones as well, but I think Jerome Boateng and David Alaba are into fashion a lot … and I think they’re alright.”

Worst fashion sense?

“The worst? I won’t say that on camera …”

Loudest in the locker room?

“The loudest? Well, Rafinha can be loud sometimes.”

Most untidy?

“Ooh, maybe Arturo. Arturo Vidal, yeah”

Best football brain?
“We’ve got a few. I think Philipp Lahm is one of them, certainly. We’ve got some more but if you have to mention one, I think Phillipp is the right one.”
Most obsessed with their mobile phone?
“You have a minute?! I would say everybody.”

Best left foot?

“The best left foot? You probably want me to say that I’ve got the best left foot! I won’t, I won’t … I will never do that!”
“I think David is good. David Alaba has a very good left foot. He’s scored some good goals and free kicks.”

Are you a close second?

“Maybe, yeah … Just behind him!”

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