Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick dated in high school

Hollywood really is a small town.

It turns out that actors Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick not only attended the same private school, but the pair also dated.

During an appearance Tuesday on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” they revealed to host Andy Cohen that they once were a couple.

“I didn’t know if it was OK to say that,” Broderick said after hedging the question.

“Me either, but we’re married so long,” Sedgwick said.

Though of course not to each other.

Sedgwick is the longtime spouse of Kevin Bacon, and Broderick has been married to Sarah Jessica Parker for nearly two decades.

During the show, Broderick also copped to knowing Sedgwick’s mom, who was in the TV audience.

They dated off and on for a few years, they said.

“We’re so boring; we need this,” Sedgwick said. “This is good for our careers.”

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