5 things for November 16: Trump, Merkel, Facebook

So, how’s the rest of the world doing? Turns out, Europe has its own political drama. Here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Presidential transition

Amidst reported infighting on his transition team, Donald Trump has laid out a plan for his first 200 days. A draft of the plan shows he’s all about trade, and will begin re-shaping or possibly pulling out of NAFTA as soon as he’s sworn in. It’s been quite a whirlwind week: Here’s everything that’s happened since Trump was elected seven days ago. 

2. Brexit

The UK maybe kinda sorta doesn’t have a plan for Brexit. A leaked memo shows the government has 500 Brexit projects in the works that may require 30,000 officials, but no clear strategy on how to go about exit talks. UK PM Theresa May waved the memo away, saying they are “getting on with the job.”

3. Technology

Facebook and Google will no longer let fake news sites use their ad services. It’s an attempt to quash the phony sites’ business models and keep the content at bay. Facebook has been criticized for how it handles fake or misleading news, after some articles appeared in the site’s “Trending” feature. 

4. Terror attacks

Bad news:  There was a 650% increase in fatal terror attacks in the world’s biggest economies last year, according to the latest Global Terrorism Index. More bad news:  While military success against ISIS resulted in fewer deaths in Iraq, the group’s become active in more countries — from 13 in 2014 to 28.

5. Angela Merkel

The Chancellor is going to run for a fourth term. That’s great news for those Germans craving stability after Brexit, Trump’s win and the rise of populist movements in some neighboring countries. Merkel’s a favorite to win, although she’s facing some backlash over her refugee policies.


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