New York Times calls on President-elect Trump to denounce hate

The New York Times editorial board called on President-elect Donald Trump to “immediately repudiate” bigoted attacks it says are associated with his name.

The left-leaning editorial board wrote in an editorial posted late Thursday that there is anecdotal evidence of a rising white supremacist sentiment in the country, and that it may be up to Trump to tamp it down.

“Though not all (stories) are verifiable, the atmosphere of intimidation and fear is unquestionably real and will keep growing,” the Times wrote. “Mr. Trump may not be able to stop it by himself, but he must do everything he can.”

The Times, which endorsed Hillary Clinton and has published some of the hardest-hitting investigations of Trump this election cycle, pointed to Trump’s victory speech on election night, during which he called for unity and asked for “guidance” and “help.”

“Here’s some guidance right off the bat, Mr. President-elect: Those sentiments will have more force if you immediately and unequivocally repudiate the outpouring of racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic insults, threats and attacks being associated with your name,” the Times wrote. “Do this in a personal plea to people who supported your candidacy. Tell them this is not what you stand for, nor is it what your new administration will tolerate.”

Trump repeatedly attacked the Times during the election, calling them the “failing New York Times,” though he continued to talk to its reporters.

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