Gov. Bill Weld: America deserves better

All of your life, you’ve probably been told that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. After all, in our democracy, voting isn’t just the way we choose among politicians. It’s the way we empower and symbolically sustain our leaders.

If you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t want to sustain either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, then consider: There is an honorable alternative.

Gary Johnson and I are running as credible, proven and capable political leaders. We are on the ballot in all 50 states. Your vote can make a difference — and not just because who you vote for matters to you.

You can show your support for civic virtue and good government by voting Johnson/Weld. We believe that America deserves better than the choices being offered by the major parties. And nine newspapers agree with us.

“[Hillary] Clinton’s vision of ever-expanding government is in such denial of our national debt crisis as to be fanciful,” the Chicago Tribune wrote in endorsing our ticket, after criticizing Donald Trump as “a man not fit to be president of the United States.” Furthermore, wrote the Tribune, “Today’s Hillary Clinton, unlike yesteryear’s, renounces many of Bill Clinton’s priorities: freer trade, spending discipline, light regulation and private sector growth to generate jobs and tax revenues.”

Our ticket, by contrast, embraces each of those sensible and centrist priorities that must again be made the focus of our political discourse.

Gov. Johnson and I are alike in some important respects. We have run as humble citizen-servants in a year of a would-be political strongman (Trump). We are honest leaders who, each of us, governed as centrists without scandal in two terms in office.

If elected, we pledge to do the same in Washington. We’d have Republicans and Democrats in our Cabinet. We’d break the current winner-take-all partisan gridlock. Our style of leadership could help us find the elusive common ground to fix our immigration system, curb taxes, protect our privacy and reform our criminal justice system.

Most of all, Gary and I would do something that neither of the other two candidates will do: Tackle the challenge of balancing the budget. Dealing with our $20 trillion debt is the forgotten but central issue of the 2016 race.

Both Gary Johnson and I balanced our states’ budgets without raising taxes. Gary cut taxes 14 times as Governor of New Mexico. I cut taxes 21 times as Governor of Massachusetts. Gary vetoed 750 spending bills, showing his ability to stand up to a system of special favors for those closest to political power.

Here’s what’s great about America. Two people with backgrounds as different as Gary Johnson and myself have come together to team up for a better America. He’s a successful construction entrepreneur; I went from being U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts to heading the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. Then we each became Governor as our first elective office.

I brought a different brand of Republicanism — one that is fiscally conservative and socially inclusive — to the Bay State. My fiscal discipline paid off, and Massachusetts rewarded my running mate, Paul Cellucci, and me by re-electing us with 71% of the vote.

Together, Gary Johnson and I have found a political equilibrium where Americans can be at peace: Live within our means, protect our Constitutional liberties and let American¹s greatness shine through in allowing each man and woman the freedom to live out their lives.

If you’re a Johnson-Weld supporter, stick with us. If you haven¹t found a candidate for whom you can vote with a clear conscience, please cast your ballot for two people with experience that you can believe in and trust to be a good steward of our common national values.

We will serve this country well if you, the voters, entrust us with this opportunity.

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