Amy Schumer says the internet will judge you if you don’t vote

For those of you that don’t plan on voting this election season, you will be deemed a “steamy dump” by Amy Schumer, which is probably worse than not voting.

On Thursday, the comedian released a video imploring people to vote and explained that your parents will know you’re lying if you didn’t.

“People are going to know if you voted or not. Your voting history is public record. It doesn’t say who you voted for, but it says if you voted at all,” she said. “Anyone who knows you can just look that sh– up.”

Finally, all those years of internet stalking our exes will prove to be a useful and necessary skill.

The only thing worse than your mom finding out you didn’t vote is people on Twitter finding out you didn’t vote. Schumer continues encouraging people to actually go out and vote instead of pretending you did at dinner parties.

“Your decision to vote or not is obviously up to you but judging you for that decision could be up to the internet and everyone has access to that,” she said.

It turns out, you have more to worry about than people finding out that you secretly enjoy Nickelback.

Schumer went on to denounce Donald Trump in her usual subtle way, saying “I hope that people don’t blame you if an orange, sexually-assaulting Godzilla who started a fake college is f—ing up the entire planet a year or so from now.”

Schumer concluded the video by explaining that she’s just looking out for us and by urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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