Art, Letters for Troops Overseas

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

DUBOIS – Using their creativity, fourth-graders at DuBois Central Catholic Elementary School were challenged by classroom guest speaker, Mrs. Sherry Huber of Punxsutawney to use art to send positive messages to soldiers overseas.

Huber recently addressed the students about the hardships experienced by so many who serve the country in the military, especially those with tours of duty overseas as her family members have experienced.

During her presentation, Huber shared with the students photos of her own family while serving in uniform and several of their military stories.

She also brought the names of current military personnel so the students could compose not only a letter of thanks for their service, but also create a colorful drawing to brighten that soldier’s day.

According to DCC elementary art teacher, Cheyenne Helman, who invited Huber to speak, the students’ letters were inspirational and their drawings made this veteran outreach project even more personal.

She added, “I was especially happy that the project was completed in time for the school’s annual Veterans Day Celebration.”

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