Rudy Giuliani gets touchy in Mark Cuban debate

Former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani and billionaire Mark Cuban offered a heated preview of Wednesday’s final presidential debate, arguing about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Giuliani, who is a surrogate for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, slammed Clinton during the discussion about not knowing some State Department emails were classified.

“She said she didn’t know what it meant (when an email is confidential). She said she didn’t remember her briefing by the CIA,” Giuliani said. “She either has a seriously flawed memory or she’s lying.”

“You’re like pulling things, this is like out of the “X-Files,” Mayor Giuliani,” Cuban responded.

“X-Files? They’re out of the FBI files,” Giuliani interrupted.

On the subject of Trump’s alleged sexual assault incidents, Giuliani denied that Trump is guilty of the accusations against him.

“I know a woman that this happened to with Donald Trump, alright? I know her story to be true. So let me ask you, are you positive?” Burnett asked Giuliani.

“I have known him for 28 years and I’ve never seen him ever do anything remotely close to that. I know men who are touchy, feely, I know men who seem to act inappropriate to the way they touch or handle women, I don’t like it,” Giuliani responded.

At another point during the tense back-and-forth, while trying to get the attention of CNN’s Erin Burnett’s — who was moderating — Giuliani touched her arm.

“If she doesn’t know what the designation ‘C’ means as secretary of state, she shouldn’t be secretary of state,” Giuliani said. “C” is meant to be for confidential on those emails.

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