Sandy Twp. Oks Waste Pick-up Bid

DUBOIS – Advanced Disposal’s bid for Sandy Township waste pick-up was accepted by the supervisors at Monday night’s regular meeting.

Advanced Disposal submitted the lone bid.  It was accepted by the supervisors with a 4-1 vote.

Ed Yahner of Advanced Disposal attended the meeting to explain the services to be provided to Sandy Township.

According to him, the township would receive consolidated trash pick-up, which would lead to less wear and tear on the roads; annual leaf pick-up services in the fall; and a curbside pick-up of bulk items.

“The only restriction we have is if someone puts something out on the curb that has Freon; the Freon needs removed,” said Yahner.

He said there would also be a monthly drop-off location scheduled that would accept items with Freon.

At the same time, when asked by Councilman Jim Jeffers, Yahner indicated that there would be more at-house pick-ups in Treasure Lake, and they would work to eliminate permanent drop-off sites.

“We’re going to have a scrap metal container here.  Once-a-month, they can bring [items] here to get rid of,” said Yahner.

Yahner also stressed the inclusion of an electronics recycling program to make disposal of electronic waste easier.  He said that the cost to properly dispose of a 32-inch, tube-based television can run $50 under current laws.

Supervisor Darrell Duttry was the lone nay vote. “I like what they’re offering, but I don’t believe in forcing people to buy from a certain company,” said Duttry prior to his vote.

The supervisors appointed a new Sandy Township fire chief after the resignation of John Hallowell.

Hallowell resigned for personal reasons and to accept work outside of the area.  Former Fire Chief Bill Beers was appointed to finish off Hallowell’s final two months as fire chief.

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