5 things for Friday, September 30: NJ train crash, Gary Johnson, Wells Fargo

They’re fighting in Kashmir (again) and a certain bank is sticking it to us (again). But hey, it’s Friday, so smile and then Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. NJ train crash

Investigators will spend today trying to figure out why a commuter train crashed into a terminal in Hoboken. Some say positive train control — a hi-tech way to monitor trains and stop them from derailing or crashing — could’ve helped, but NJ Transit trains don’t have it. A woman standing on a platform was killed; more than 100 others were hurt. Here’s a visual timeline of what happened.

2. 9/11 bill

Just one day after overriding President Obama’s veto of the 9/11 bill, Congress is having buyer’s remorse. The bill allows 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia. But Obama’s said it could lead other countries to sue US troops abroad. Good point, Congress now concedes. Which led to this zinger from the White House: “What’s true in elementary school is true in the United States Congress: ignorance is not an excuse.”

3. Kashmir

Relations between India and Pakistan, always strained, are at another low after their troops clashed once again in the ever-disputed Kashmir. India said it was conducting “surgical attacks” to stop a terror attack; Pakistan called it baloney. Two Pakistani soldiers were killed. Here’s what you need to know about the decades-old conflict.

4. Campaign 2016

This space is usually reserved for the antics of one Donald J. Trump or one Hillary R. Clinton, but let’s take some time to acknowledge the punching bag that Gary Johnson’s become. The Libertarian candidate couldn’t name a single world leader he admired and didn’t know what Aleppo was. Which raises the question: Why is he in this race again? Oh right, this is the 2016 campaign.

5. Wells Fargo

What is it with these guys? First they opened up millions of fake accounts without customers’ knowledge. Now we find out they’ve been mistreating the nation’s heroes. The bank will pay $24 million to settle claims that it illegally repossessed service members’ cars.


“He started off life as Israel’s brightest student, became its best teacher, and ended up its biggest dreamer”

Bill Clinton, one of many world leaders saying goodbye to former Israeli Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres at his funeral today.


People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.

Buh bye

A Pennsylvania mayor’s being asked to resign after racists posts on Facebook, including one about the first family. When will folks learn?

F is for fast

Need speed with or without the family? Ferrari’s got you covered, with its fastest convertible ever and a super-fast family car.

Not for sale (anymore)

Somebody at Home Depot thought selling something that looks like a Peeping Tom was a fun joke. No one’s laughing.

Going gaga

Hey Little Monsters! You have an excuse to watch the Super Bowl next year, now that your leader, Lady Gaga, will provide the halftime entertainment.


Here’s what’s coming up later

Friday: Look! Up in the sky! It’s a black moon. Never mind, you can’t see it.

Saturday: ‘SNL’ returns with Alec Baldwin in his yugest role yet: Donald Trump.

Sunday: NFL in London where the games always sell out and still lose $$.

Number of the day

The number of measles transmission in the Americas. It took 20 years but it’s a global first: The region has eliminated the disease.



Daredevil Ryan Paul wanted to check out a 105-foot-tall rock formation in Tasmania. So he walked to it. Suspended in the air … on a slackline. (Click to view)

2 American sisters found dead at resort in Seychelles
Thompson Sponsored Bill to Delay Harmful Dept. of Labor Overtime Expansion Rule Passes House

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