Commissioners Hear Details on Continental Carbonic Facility Coming to Clearfield

CLEARFIELD – On Tuesday the Clearfield County Commissioners heard details from Rob Swales, chief executive officer of Clearly Ahead Development, on a new manufacturing facility that will set up shop in Clearfield.

Late last week, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that Continental Carbonic Products Inc., a producer and distributor of solid and liquid carbon dioxide and dry-ice blasting machines, will construct a facility in Clearfield.

The Clearfield facility will be one of Continental Carbonic’s largest plants, according to a previously published press release from the governor’s office.

Continental Carbonic will construct a 45,000-square-foot liquid carbon dioxide facility as well as purchase equipment to operate a dry ice manufacturing facility in Clearfield, said Swales.

He said construction plans for the facility will follow an “aggressive” schedule, starting this winter and having it operational by summer of 2017.

According to him, it will create 60 new, full-time jobs as well as both “spin-off” and construction jobs for Clearfield County. Also, it will retain the current jobs at Pennsylvania Grain Processing LLC.

“These are family sustaining jobs,” Swales said, adding, “…These are sustainable industries that will be here for generations.”

He said Continental Carbonic will enter into a long-term land lease with PGP, which will transfer the carbon dioxide gas through a dedicated pipeline from its ethanol fermentation process to Continental Carbonic.

Additionally, he pointed out the Continental Carbonic facility will bolster the county’s infrastructure and make it even more attractive to other industries, such as food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, metal fabrication and production, etc.

Swales said the Continental Carbonic facility has been in the works for a few years. The commissioners were pleased to hear Swales’ news, calling it a significant investment in the county.

Continental Carbonic Products Inc. (CCPI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Matheson Tri-Gas, is a leading producer of dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide.

CCPI presently has eight dry ice manufacturing facilities and 32 distribution locations east of the Rocky Mountains.

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