5 things for Thursday, September 29: Police shootings, President Obama, MH17

Unanswered questions. Undisclosed motive. Unintended consequences. Here’s what you need to know today to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Police shooting

It was a vaping device. That’s what Alfred Okwera Olango was aiming at El Cajon cops when they shot and killed him. For a second night, protesters gathered, demanding that police release video of the shooting and the feds investigate. Here are all the lingering questions in the case. Here’s an explanation of why cops shoot to kill. And this infographic surprised us: It takes less training time to become a cop than a barber.

2. SC school shooting

A teacher and two students were wounded in a shooting in an elementary school playground. What’s even more shocking? The suspected gunman’s just 14! Police say the teen, crying and barely intelligible, called his grandparents before the attack. They went to check on him and found another shocker — the body of his father, shot to death. So far, officials haven’t disclosed a motive.

3. Veto override

Congress overwhelmingly voted to override President Obama’s veto of a bill that lets 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia — the first veto override of Obama’s presidency. This means American courts can seize Saudi assets to compensate victims’ families. But it also means US troops abroad may start getting sued as well. (In other Congress news, there won’t be a government shutdown tomorrow.)

4. MH17 report

Who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 two years ago over Ukraine, killing almost 300 people? A new report points the finger squarely at Russia. The evidence? The missile system was brought in from Russia. The missile was fired from a village controlled by pro-Russian separatists. And a day later, the missile system was returned — to Russia.

5. Bodycam video

The Louisiana State Police superintendent calls it “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.” It’s the body cam video of an incident in Marksville, Louisiana, where cops — after a chase — fired into a man’s car, hitting his 6-year-old son five times in the head and chest. The video, released yesterday, shows officers in total confusion. One vomits. One unbuckles the child’s seatbelt and exclaims “Oh my God.” Two of the marshals have been indicted on murder charges.


People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.

Ride it out

Need to pass a kidney stone? Then ride a roller coaster. No, really. A new study says the bumps and jolts may actually help push it through.

Helping hand, Pt. I

A man who thought he was about to record a case of police brutality on his cell phone instead ends up helping the officer make the arrest.

Helping hand, Pt. II

A broken zipper pointed to a wedding day disaster for a Canadian couple. Then a Syrian refugee and tailor, in the country for all of four days, saved the day.

Not welcome here

Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest hasn’t won him any fans in one Virginia Beach bar, where his jersey is being used as a floor mat.

Goodbye, Agnes

Soap fans are mourning the loss of Agnes Nixon, the woman behind iconic daytime dramas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” She was 93.


President Obama handled questions on PTSD and screw-ups at the VA and explained why he won’t say the words “Islamic terrorism” during CNN’s presidential town hall moderated by Jake Tapper last night. Missed it? Here are some highlights. And Jake, we’re sorry for screwing up your name yesterday. Mea culpa!


Mmm mmm good

Rapper 2 Chainz drinks $600 coffee made out of cat poop. That’s what we like to call comedy gold.

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