Spirits to Arrive by Train for Lantern Walk

DUBOIS – The DuBois Area Historical Society’s ninth annual Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk “Our ‘Spirit’ Came by Railroad” is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8.

“This year the Lantern Walk is themed around people who arrived by train or who worked on the railroad,” said Tom Schott, chair of the lantern walk.

“Those attending will meet some famous characters and learn about the train era in DuBois. The society is grateful to the Best Western Inn and Conference for its cooperation in making this walk possible and the support of DuBois Logistics.”

Admission to the Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk is $5 for adults and $3 for students, with children sixth grade and younger free if accompanied by an adult. All proceeds benefit the DuBois Area Historical Society. The program is suitable for all ages.

The first tour will leave from the Best Western Conference Center at 5 p.m. with additional walks leaving every 20 minutes thereafter.

To make advance reservations for a specific walk time, telephone 814-371-4627 between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Tour groups will be limited to 20 people.

Walk-ins are also welcome and will be assigned to the next available tour. The walk is a little less than a mile and will last a little over an hour.

During the walk those attending will encounter nine “spirits” who will relate history about themselves or the area. They will encounter an out of position athlete, an angry marmot, a tired cant user, a showman and friend, an excited young girl, a determined physician, a radio personality, and a gunfight survivor.

Performing this year are:  Levi Thompson, Caleb Thompson, Darius Clement, Beecher Klingensmith, Hannah Thompson, Tharren Thompson, Tom Shade, Nancy Rosman, and Dave Clark.

Last year’s walk attracted 300 people. The first eight years of the activity have drawn an attendance of 1,678 people.

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