CASD Anticipates Fireball Run Will Impact Bus Routes

CLEARFIELD – Extra traffic and road detours are anticipated during a Fireball Run event being held Monday in downtown Clearfield.

The Clearfield Area School District is also anticipating it will affect bus routes with hundreds of cars in downtown and temporary road closures, including the Market Street Bridge, in the morning hours from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

“We will try our best to get our buses everywhere they need to go, but delays are likely,” said Superintendent Terry Struble.  He said road closures could also affect students being picked up by bus.

Struble asked for parents to be patient with the district, as it works through the Fireball Run event.

Business Administrator Sam Maney indicated that buses will run their normal schedule since the district hasn’t been able to get definitive answers. If parents have concerns, he suggested they go ahead and take their children to school.

“No one really understands what’s going to be available and what’s not,” he said. Struble said the district has already started alerting parents on its Facebook, Twitter and the district’s Web site.

According to previously published GANT News articles, The Fireball Run is an “adventure-rally” series that will travel through New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The series is not scripted or rehearsed and is filmed in real time, as 40 teams travel along a 2,000-mile route to locate historic artifacts and “under-discovered” places.

The teams are given clues directing them to specific points of interest. When the team solves the clues, they are given the next location they must travel to and are awarded points for successfully accomplishing each activity.

In addition to the competition, each team is assigned a child who has been reported missing from their hometown through the Child Rescue Network.

As the teams travel, they hand out flyers containing information about the missing child, in hopes that someone may have information regarding that child’s whereabouts.

According to, the Fireball Run media campaign has resulted in the successful recovery of 47 missing children.

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