LHU Clearfield Holds Fall Convocation Ceremony

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD — On Sept. 8 convocation was held at the Lock Haven University Clearfield campus, recognizing the campus’ scholarship winners.

Speaker and LHU alumna Stephanie Craig, Director of Triangle Tech Dubois Campus, spoke about the influence her education had on her career path.

Craig, a 1992 graduate taught high school math for several years before moving to Triangle Tech. In 2005 she took on an administrative role as the school’s assistant director.

Craig encouraged students to remain strong in their academic pursuits and embrace the possibilities and opportunities afforded by a college education.

Student awards were presented in the following areas:

  • The Academic Achievement/Clinical Growth award was presented by Kim Owens to Brenda Maines;
  • The Academic Excellence award presented by Stephanie Kulas to Dora Vanamburgh;
  • The Clearfield Hospital Nursing Class of 1953 Scholarship presented by Eleanor Bodle to Collette Jordan;
  • The Clearfield Hospital Nursing Alumnae Scholarship presented by Eleanor Bodle to Lindsey Hullihen, Allana Whelpley;
  • The Connie Lodico-Boyce Memorial Scholarship presented by Terri Davis to Tyanne Miles;
  • The Diana Kerin Memorial Scholarship presented by Dr. Darlene Ardary to Terry Crouse;
  • The Leah Mae and J. Clifford Murray Memorial Scholarship presented by Dr. William Curley to Lindsay Hullihen;
  • The Outstanding Criminal Justice Student presented by Dr. Michael McSkimming to Kyle Larson;
  • The Lacy Magagnotti Scholarship presented by Jane Frelin to Cassie Swatsworth;
  • The Belin Family Scholarship presented by Mr. Carl Belin to Zachary Krise, Vincent McDowell, Victoria Schur;
  • The Clearfield Bank & Trust Co. Award presented by Mr. Michael Bibak to Margo Castagnolo, and Michelle Luce;
  • The Penn Highlands Clearfield Scholarship presented by Mr. Gary Macioce to Chai Ayysola, Angela Bainey, Casey Buck, Baylee Crook, Ashley Dotts, Audrey Heichel, Tamara Kiehlmeier, Amber Liegey, Brandi Smith;
  • The Julie Riley Hale Memorial Scholarship presented by Valerie Dixon to Delanie Kolesar, Emily Kolesar, Sheridan Skebo;
  • The Judith Peale-Strattan Memorial Scholarship presented by Maureen Gathagan to Sara Graham, Jordan Kavelak, Hannah Shimmel;
  • The Kurtz Bros. Award presented by Monty Kunes to Lauren Butler, Katlyn Mitchell; and
  • The Woodward Pharmacy and City Drugs Educational Scholarship presented by Maureen Gathagan to Jenna Neeper, Megan McCartney, Cassie Swatsworth.
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