Commissioner Sobel, Burnett Appointed to Tourism Board

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners approved two appointments to the county’s recreation and tourism authority, also known as Visit Clearfield County, at Tuesday’s workshop meeting.

More specifically, the commissioners approved the appointments of Mark Burnett, the general manager of the DuBois Comfort Suites Hotel, and Commissioner Chairman, John A. Sobel.

According to previous GANT News reports, the commissioners had received numerous letters of interest and planned to conduct interviews with those interested in filling the board vacancies.

Commissioner Tony Scotto originally made the motion to appoint Burnett. Then, Commissioner Mark B. McCracken asked if they wanted to do both Burnett and Sobel under one motion, and the commissioners agreed to.

McCracken said he would second the motion, at which point VCC Director Holly Komonczi, who was present at the meeting, interrupted to ask if there would be any public comment after.

“No. There’s no more public comment,” Sobel said. Komonczi went “hmm” and then exited the commissioners’ workshop meeting with Sue Swales Vitullo, VCC travel development specialist.

The commissioners proceeded to approve the appointments of Burnett and Sobel. Sobel will now join fellow commissioners Scotto and McCracken, who are already on the board

The recreation and tourism board has nine seats, according to the commissioners. With the appointment of Sobel, the commissioners hold one-third of the board’s seats.

The commissioners also announced other board vacancies, county planning and solid waste authority (two seats each) and Area Transportation Authority and Curwensville Lake Authority (one seat each).

Anyone interested in serving on those county boards is asked to contact the commissioners’ office.

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2 thoughts on “Commissioner Sobel, Burnett Appointed to Tourism Board

  1. pipedream

    I had the same question. Traditionally there has been one commissioner on the tourism board. How is it a good idea to have all three commissioners spending their limited time sitting on the board of one agency? How much do they know about promoting tourism? One has to wonder what’s behind this latest development. Very strange indeed – especially as it seems there were a number of non-political applicants to choose from.

    It’s good to finally have a hotelier on the board. Prior to this appointment, there were none. The entire VCC operation is funded through hotel tax dollars. Why there has been little and, at times, no representation on the board from the businesses collecting the tax is a mystery. Hotel owners and managers are knowledgeable about who comes to Clearfield County, where they come from and why they are coming. Seems like a no-brainer to include more of them in managing VCC.

  2. cheerio

    Why and how is it OK for the commissioners to hold 1/3 of the VCC’s board’s seats? Sounds like a political agenda is being prepared. Tony, Mark and John – this does not make you look good. If you are able to sway two more people each time there is an action item, you will corrupt this entire agency. Would you like that on your resume on the next election term?

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