LTE: Voters Need to Ask Candidates about their Position on PH Clearfield Hospital

Dear Editor:

Election Day is fast approaching, and voters need to be informed about the candidates’ positions on matters of local importance.

A matter of extreme importance is what has been happening with our hospital.

The Steering Committee of the concerned citizens group, “Save Clearfield Hospital,” wants Clearfield Hospital to continue to maintain a viable presence in our community by expanding and promoting services here instead of moving them to other hospitals and facilities within the Penn Highlands Healthcare system.

Over the past 15 months, we have invited state and local representatives to participate in several meetings of concern, and to support the efforts of the committee for the benefit of the citizens they were elected to serve.

Thus far, it has been all talk and no action…

We encourage you to (1) share your concerns with our state and local officials, (2) ask for a response as to their position and intentions, and (3) vote accordingly when you cast your ballot.



Joan Myers

Member, Steering Committee

Save Clearfield Hospital

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