Recreation & Tourism Authority Reorganizes, Reprimands Director

CLEARFIELD – The regular meeting of the Clearfield County Recreation & Tourism Authority began Wednesday with a quick re-organization meeting and later a 24-minute executive session.

Only four board members were able to attend the meeting: Hildred Rowles, Tony Scotto, Kenn Starr and Izen Lingenfelter.  Bonnie Harper Robinson and Mark McCracken were unable to attend.

The bylaws call for a board of no less than nine members, but the board has experienced several resignations recently.

Board members are appointed by the Clearfield County Commissioners John Sobel, Scotto and Mark McCracken and letters of interest are being accepted by the commissioners.

Four members make up a quorum of the current board.

Hildred Rowles, interim chairman, said they needed to reorganize for a new chairman and asked for nominations.  There was a period of confusion when Starr nominated Rowles and then Scotto nominated Lingenfelter, which was then seconded.

Rowles asked to start again and again asked for nominations and Starr again nominated Rowles, which was seconded by Lingenfelter.  They then held a roll call vote with Starr, Lingenfelter and Rowles voting yes and Scotto voting no.

The board then discussed proposals for the new travel planner and voted to have it designed and published by Kotek Designs and Nefer Press.  A local company also submitted a proposal; however, Executive Director Holly Komonczi noted that Kotek Designs will do extra things, such as designing advertisements, at no additional cost while the local provider will charge extra.

The executive session for personnel and finances was then called. Shortly after the meeting was reconvened, Rowles noted a letter of reprimand to the executive director would be placed in her file.  He said the reprimand was for “behavior unbecoming and unprofessional” and it was discussed with Komonczi and has been given.

A budget for 2016-17 fiscal year was then approved, retroactive to July 1.  The board approved a three percent raise for salaried employees, which will be revisited in December due to upcoming federal regulations.  Employees not salaried include the administrative assistant and couriers.

The board also accepted the resignation of the administrative assistant, with regrets.

At this point, Scotto had to leave for another meeting and without a quorum the meeting had to be concluded.  The next meeting will be held Sept. 14 at 8:30 a.m.


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