Russian diplomat in Rio shoots, kills robber during mugging

A Russian vice-consul shot and killed a robber who attacked him on Thursday afternoon in Rio de Janiero, according to Brazilian state run news agency Agencia Brasil.

Media reports said the diplomat struggled with the robber during the attempted mugging, before managing to take the assailant’s gun and shoot him.

Russian state news agency TASS has published a report completely denying the shooting occurred, quoting Rio’s Russian Consul General as saying the diplomat was not involved “in a shootout.”

“All Russian diplomats and the Russian foreign employees, located in Rio de Janiero, alive, healthy and to this have no relationship,” he said.

Local media reports said the Russian vice-consul was in a car with his wife and daughter when the robber approached on a bike.

Unconfirmed reports on social media said the diplomat had used jiu-jitsu to disarm the robber.

Rio de Janeiro’s civil police refused to comment on the case to CNN, while calls to the military police were not answered. The consulate of Russia in Rio said more information will be given on Friday about the case.

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