Steering Committee of Save Clearfield Hospital Sends Letter to Governor

CLEARFIELD – The Steering Committee of Save Clearfield Hospital recently sent a letter to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

The letter was released by the committee to keep other concerned citizens aware of its efforts and to solicit feedback.

The letter is posted below in its entirety.

July 20, 2016

Office of Governor Tom Wolf

Room 225

Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120

Dear Governor Wolf,

Clearfield, like many other communities in Pennsylvania, is experiencing a crisis with opioid drug abuse and addiction.  We need an effective treatment and education facility in our town, and we have a plethora of available, appropriate spaces to house such.

Since the creation of Penn Highlands Healthcare in 2011, Clearfield Hospital – now known as Penn Highlands Clearfield – has suffered losses of its ICU, Maternity and Radiation Oncology departments. These empty spaces could be utilized, bringing much-needed drug treatment and education to the people of Clearfield and surrounding areas.

At the annual public meeting of the PHC Board of Directors on June 27, our committee suggested that the now-empty first floor of Clearfield Hospital could be used for drug treatment and education. We were quite disappointed with CEO Gary Macioce’s lukewarm response along the lines of “there’s no money in it,” and sense that the possibility of pursuing such a venture has not been discussed with any real interest.

We, the steering committee of the concerned citizens group “Save Clearfield Hospital,” are interested and respectfully request your help.  We are pleased that you are leading the way in dealing with this crisis, and believe that Clearfield would be a wonderful location for one of the DHS’s 20 “Centers of Excellence.”

How can we receive consideration?

We look forward to your response, which can be directed to:

Donna Shaw

112 West Pauline Drive

Clearfield, PA  16830

or e-mail –


The Steering Committee of Save Clearfield Hospital

Judith Corcino, RN

Shirley Hatten

Brenda Kennedy

Joan Myers, RN

Donna Shaw

John Sughrue, Esquire

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