Clearfield Borough Council Signs Contract to Extend RACP Grant for Riverfront Development

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough has signed a contract to extend the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant with the State Office of the Budget for the riverfront development project.

According to Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott, the contract simply extends the amount of time the borough has to use the grant in order to continue development of the riverwalk and other improvements along the river.

According to previously published GANT News articles, the development of the riverfront is a partnership between Clearfield Borough and its developer, Clearfield County Economic Development Corp., also known as Clearly Ahead Development to revitalize downtown Clearfield’s riverfront with a multi-phase development plan.

Phases include the construction of a one-mile riverwalk, public park and two commercial areas conducive for boutique hospitality operations and Market Square, a multi-occupancy facility to host restaurant and professional office amenities along the riverfront.

Also at the meeting, council member Steve Harmic said he has had requests from residents living near the riverwalk about diming the lighting. Harmic said the lighting can be “extremely invasive” to those who live near the area. He said that he also lives in the area and has seen personally how bright the lights are.

Stott said she has discussed the complaints with the street crew and said they are looking at getting lower-wattage lightbulbs or possibly shields for the lights. Harmic said there was concern about the shields focusing the light at the ground in the winter, when the light would be reflecting off the snow.

Stott said there was an issue with one of the electrical boxes, which had caused the light on the riverwalk to be shut off and there had been numerous complaints about the lights being out.

“I’ve heard from people on both sides – those who say the lights are too bright and those who like the lights. We’re going to have to do what we can to find a happy medium,” Stott said.

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