Reince Priebus’ message to RNC: Time to unite

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will use his convention speech Thursday night to send the message that Donald Trump, united with the GOP, presents the best alternative to Hillary Clinton in November.

Priebus’ message will focus on two themes, according to an RNC source: “enough” and “better.”

The longest-serving Republican National Committee chairman in modern history, Priebus will argue that America has had enough of the Clintons and Democrats and make the case that the GOP — with Trump on top of the ticket — should be voters’ choice in November.

“I have one word for all this hypocrisy and corruption: enough,” Priebus will say, according to excerpts shared with CNN. “Americans have had enough of a government that plays favorites with the well-connected. They’ve had enough of the Clintons’ excuses, cronyism and coverups. They’ve had enough of the corrupt dealings. Americans have had enough.”

Thursday night will be the grand finale of the Republican convention, with Trump himself providing the most anticipated speech of the night. Trump will formally accept the party’s nomination and will be preceded by his daughter, Ivanka, who has been his strongest advocate on the trail.

Priebus has tried to smooth over a rift between Trump and the Republican establishment that developed throughout the campaign, even as Trump railed against the RNC and what he used to call “rigged” primaries. At the convention, the RNC and Trump campaign have presented a united front, working together to put down any seeds of a delegate rebellion in pre-convention meetings.

Thursday night, Priebus will draw a contrast with Democrats and argue that Republicans offer “better.”

“What separates Republicans from Democrats is our belief in better,” Priebus will say. “We believe in better schools. A better health care system. A better economy which rewards hard work no matter where or when you punch the clock. And most of all, we believe in a better chance at the American Dream for everyone.”

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