LT Supers Raise Sewer Surcharge

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors reluctantly raised the sewer surcharge for residents from $7.75 to $8 per 1,000 gallons.

The supervisors learned at last night’s meeting that the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority is going to increase the township’s loan, and the township needs to enact the increase to cover payments.

Secretary Barbara Shaffner reported maintenance work was done at Lawrence Park and the playground equipment should be installed next week.

She said the cost of new picnic tables is high and the supervisors discussed having local businesses sponsor tables.

Any business interested should contact Shaffner.  Each table will then have a plaque installed stating it was sponsored by that business.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling also reported that the state Game Commission is looking at changes to elk hunting.

He was recently at a meeting in Goshen concerning the changes and said the Game Commission is looking at copying what is done out west where hunters with elk licenses would have to purchase permits from the municipality where they will be hunting.

The supervisors and solicitor were concerned about how the plan would work, and the supervisors said they would need more information, but at this time they are not inclined to participate in the program.

Woodling also supplied the supervisors with quotes for a new zero-turn lawnmower.  After reviewing the quotes, the supervisors voted to purchase a Challenger mower from Shugarts Lawn and Garden for $5,847.

Two subdivisions of three lots each were approved, which included the Boron property on Mill Road and U.S. Route 322 and the Thompson property on Village Road.

There was also a request with the Boron property for a zoning change for one of the lots from village to commercial.  The supervisors need to look into the matter because it will require hearings and so on, and they may combine it with other changes and do them all at once.

Bids for the Flegal Road Bridge Project will be opened on Aug. 2.

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