Winchell Pleads Guilty in Meth Case

CLEARFIELD – A Hyde woman charged with making methamphetamine has pleaded guilty in Clearfield County Court.

Veronica A. Winchell, 41, currently an inmate of the jail, pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine lab and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance before President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman.

He sentenced her to 90 days to two years less one day in jail and two years consecutive probation.

She was fined $350 plus costs. Because of the felony charge, she must submit to DNA testing at a cost of $250. She was ordered to complete drug and alcohol counseling.

Prior to sentencing, Ammerman commented that 41 was “too old to be screwing around with this type of stuff.”  The charges stem from an incident Nov. 15 at her Hyde residence.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, a probation officer asked a female officer to accompany him to the residence because he wanted to submit Winchell to a urinalysis test.

Earlier there was a domestic incident at her home during which she commented that she was going to kill herself. The officers were warned that other officers saw mass quantities of sudafedrin and several pieces of foil in plain sight while they were at the residence.

When the probation officer and police officer arrived at the Hyde residence they also saw foil that appeared to be wrapped and partially burned with residue inside. They called for assistance.

Winchell gave consent to search the residence. Officers found numerous items of drug paraphernalia, the tin foil with burns, liquid drain cleaner, cold compresses, a torch starter, a large digital scale, 22 pieces of aluminum foil with residue, a white paper towel covered with red phosphorus, a container with possible meth inside and other items for making methamphetamine.

Winchell’s urine was tested and found to contain methamphetamine.

The Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Lab personnel removed three different buckets hidden near the porch that were working and non-working meth labs with waste products.

She stated that her son was setting her up. She acted extremely paranoid during the entire encounter, police said.

Her husband, Matthew Winchell, later told police he cooked meth at her request. He went on to say that several friends spend the weekend smoking meth with her. He also gave a written statement that listed her as being involved with buying several key ingredients for making meth.

In February Matthew Winchell pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine laboratory, possessing red phosphorus with intent to manufacture a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and risking a catastrophe. He was sentenced to six months to one year in jail and three years consecutive probation.

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