Small Group Gathers to Pray for Peace and Hope

CLEARFIELD – A small group gathered and prayed for peace and hope for about 20 minutes Monday evening in front of the Clearfield County Courthouse.

The gathering was organized by the Clearfield Salvation Army and the Clearfield Ministerium.

Organizers didn’t plan a program to follow in advance, as their sole purpose for the gathering was to unite their community in prayer.

“We want our community to come together,” said Helen Johnson, captain of the Clearfield Salvation Army.

“… In times of trouble – even if it’s not in our own backyard – we can still come and be there for others and just pray.”

According to her, the small group prayed for peace in cities currently experiencing great turmoil across the nation. “We also prayed for Clearfield to have hope,” she said.

Within the Clearfield community, Johnson said there seems to be “just a loss of hope,” and they want others to see different people and churches coming together in prayer regardless of religious denomination.

“The Bible says, “Others will know who we are by our love for one another,” she said. “That’s what’s important. We have to show love for one another and for our community.”

Johnson hopes that the Salvation Army and Clearfield Ministerium will begin to hold prayer gatherings within their community on a monthly basis.

“Anyone would be invited to come to pray or to be prayed for, even if they don’t go to church,” she said. “… This was really good to see.

We prayed even for our own hearts and our own churches. We have to start with us; we have to come together and pray.”

Johnson welcomes community members to contact her at the Salvation Army to offer input that will help organizers decide a regular date and time for monthly prayer gatherings.

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