Complaint Filed by Drug and Alcohol Commission and TAFCO Project Top County Meeting

CLEARFIELD – Preliminary objections have been filed to a recent complaint brought by the Clearfield-Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission against the Clearfield County Commissioners, announced Solicitor Kim Kesner at Tuesday’s regular board meeting.

In June of 2015, the CJDAC filed a complaint against the Clearfield County Controller’s Office for 10 years’ worth of allegedly missing money, according to previously published GANT News reports. Click here to read previous coverage.

More recently, the Drug and Alcohol Commission filed another complaint to add the board of commissioners as a defendant in the matter, Kesner said during his solicitor’s report.

“I have filed preliminary objections seeking to have that complaint dismissed,” he said. “The next step will be for the court to adjudicate those preliminary objections.”

Building pictureIn other business, the commissioners were updated by Rob Swales, chief executive officer of Clearly Ahead Development, on TAFCO’s plans to build a new, 100,000-square foot manufacturing facility in the Clearfield Commerce Park.

According to him, last month land in the Commerce Park, located off Interstate 80, Exit 120, was conveyed from the Clearfield Foundation to TAFCO. Its land is located in the field behind (north) and to the right (east) of Vision Quality Components’ manufacturing facility.

Construction of the new facility is scheduled to get under way this summer on TAFCO’s 11.22 acres of land with the use of local contractors whenever possible. “Local contractors are encouraged to contact TAFCO and to submit bids,” Swales said.

He said that TAFCO’s current plans are to begin operating in its new facility in early 2017. It will preserve 85 jobs in Clearfield and create additional jobs upon construction completion. He also noted that it is a union shop represented by the United Sheet Workers.

Already, Swales said, TAFCO has plans to increase its number of employees by 10 percent per year due to expected efficiencies at its new manufacturing facility.

TAFCO has been producing walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and other commercial refrigeration products for more than 60 years. It’s a leading supplier of refrigeration products for large warehouses, pharmaceutical applications, universities, government and military applications.

Commissioner John A. Sobel, chair, was pleased that TAFCO has not only decided to continue its operations in Clearfield County, but also to expand and grow jobs.

He also noted that the late Dwight “Skip” Koerber, who was the long-time solicitor for Clearly Ahead, had worked hard to keep TAFCO in the Clearfield community in the year’s prior to his passing. “It’s a now a part of his legacy that he’s left behind,” Sobel said.

Commissioners Tony Scotto and Mark B. McCracken concurred, saying it would be a “big plus” for the county in terms of job retention/growth.






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