WJAC-TV: Stolen Guns Lead to Police Standoff in DuBois

(WJAC-TV Photo)

(WJAC-TV Photo)

DUBOIS – A standoff between a burglary suspect and DuBois City police officers and Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) members ended when a residence was found empty Thursday on Spring Avenue in DuBois.

Police were investigating a reported burglary that occurred sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The suspects allegedly stole a shotgun and .30-30 rifle, according to Police Chief Ron LaRotonda.

He said that during the course of their investigation, police were led to a Spring Avenue residence in DuBois City. It was believed that the burglary suspects would be there.

Upon arrival an officer observed one suspect entering a vehicle outside of the residence. He was taken into custody on a parole violation for an out-of-county warrant. The officer also found one of the stolen guns inside of the vehicle, LaRotonda said.

According to him, at least two people but possibly as many as four people were believed to be inside of the residence. When attempting to make contact, the officer had the door slammed shut on him. The officer believed the second burglary suspect was inside.

It resulted in a stand-off and police evacuated residences nearby; a search warrant was then requested and obtained for the Spring Avenue residence, LaRotonda said. But when police made entry, he indicated that no one was located inside.

Police are still searching for the second burglary suspect. It is believed that the suspect is related to the man who is already in custody.

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