Disaster Relief Team Arrives to Assist Victims of Flooding

CLEARFIELD – With little chance of receiving funding from state or federal emergency relief, flood victims of Clearfield are getting help from a dedicated group of volunteers.

WJAC-TV photo

WJAC-TV photo

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said crews from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team have arrived in Clearfield and are lending a hand to help residents clean their homes following last week’s flooding.

Stott said when representatives of the Disaster Relief Team had first arrived in Clearfield, the plan was to bring in two, 10-person teams. However, as the impact of the flooding became apparent, Stott said the organization has called “every team in New York” to help the residents.

Stott said the work crews will help with clean-up free of charge. She said the work includes removal of mud and debris, damaged items and drywall, but most importantly, Stott said the crews are certified to spray the homes to prevent the growth of mold.

“The crews use a chemical called Shock Wave,” Stott said. “It not only kills any mold growing, but it will kill the roots and spores to prevent the mold from re-growing.”

Stott said the cleaning is particularly important because bleach products are not effective in preventing mold on porous substances like wood.

Stott said residents who need help can stop by the former Third Ward Fire Hall near the Driving Park, or can speak to the representatives if they see them in town. Stott said the team members wear yellow shirts.

According to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team’s Web site, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is a Christian-based ministry that meets the urgent needs of people in crisis situations. The teams provide many different types of relief, including food, water, child care, laundry, repairs, rebuilding and more.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has gained national and international recognition for their work in crisis situations across the country. State convention leaders invest significant resources to provide proper training for volunteers.

The group has responded to disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

For more information on the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief program, visit here.

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